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  A Brief History of Time  Популярна
Обяснение:: Its a good book
Версия: ZIP-ed PDF Размер на Файла: 1.44 MB
Добавено на: 12-Jan-2006 Книги: 466 Оценка: 7 (1 Глас)
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  A Brief Illustrated Guide To Understanding Islam.rar  Популярна
Обяснение:: A Brief Illustrated Guide To Understanding Islam.pdf
Версия: Размер на Файла: 4.85 MB
Добавено на: 10-Jun-2006 Книги: 193
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  A Course in Consciousness  Популярна
Обяснение:: Part 1: Quantum theory and consciousness Part 2: The metaphysics of nonduality Part 3: The end of suffering and the discovery of our true nature From 1992 through 1995, I taught several seminars on reality and consciousness according to quantum theory for humanities undergraduates at the University of Virginia. These seminars attempted to outline in an understandable way to the nonscientist the reasons why consciousness is a necessary part of the most widely accepted interpretations of quantum theory. For these seminars, I wrote concise but complete notes which I handed out to my students, and which summarized the salient points in order to make as clear as possible the scientific basis for the seminar. A revised and refined version of these notes comprises Part 1 of this work. In 1995, 1996,1998, 2003, 2004, again for the undergraduate nonscientist, I taught seminars on nonduality, or Advaita, beginning with the above described scientific information as Part 1, following with several speculative chapters on the metaphysics of nonduality as Part 2, and concluding with the teachings of several contemporary jnanis, or enlightened sages, as Part 3. Sages are not usually interested in teaching the principles of nonduality in such a systematic, logical way since such a conceptual system can be a prison for the mind, leading it to think that it can transcend itself (escape from its self-imposed prison) merely by mastering the system. Nevertheless, for teaching purposes, I wrote a set of notes for these seminars also. Stanley Sobottka Emeritus Professor of Physics University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA 22904-4714
Версия: PDF Размер на Файла: 671.54 Kb
Добавено на: 13-Jun-2005 Книги: 271 Оценка: 8 (1 Глас)
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Обяснение:: In October of 1965, Helen Schucman thought she was going crazy. It didn’t make sense to her that she was sitting up nights with a steno pad taking notes from an internal voice. In fact, she found it pretty upsetting. Here she was, a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, a tenured Associate Professor at Columbia University Medical Center and she was hearing inner dictation? That wasn’t the worst of it. She was Jewish by descent and atheist by decision and the voice, when queried, told her that she could call him “Jesus.” All this did not sit well with the 56-year-old researcher. Plus, it was costing her sleep.

This it the so called URTEXT - The Original Complete Unedited Manuscript
Версия: MS Word Размер на Файла: 401.90 Kb
Добавено на: 29-Dec-2004 Книги: 461
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  Andreas Moritz - Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation.pdf  Популярна
Обяснение:: Прекрасна книга която описва всички аспекти на водене на един напълно здрав, пълноценен и жизнен живот. Високо препорачвам да се започне с часта която описва как да си подобрите здравето чрез изчистване на камъните от бабреците, черния дроб и жлачката. Цялата книга е изклучително полезна. Това е савкупност от всичките книги на Андреас Моритц.
Версия: Posledna Размер на Файла: 6.76 MB
Добавено на: 27-Dec-2007 Книги: 258 Оценка: 10 (1 Глас)
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  Aquarian Gospel of Jesus  Популярна
Обяснение:: Life of Jesus and His Journey in India.
Версия: Размер на Файла: 283.20 Kb
Добавено на: 11-Aug-2003 Книги: 195
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  Beyond Birth and Death  Популярна
Обяснение:: His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the world’s most distinguished teacher of Vedic religion and thought, is the author of Bhagavad-gita As It Is, Srimad-Bhagavatam, The Nector of Devotion and many other English versions of Vedic literature. He is the founder-arcarya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, which has hundreds of centers throughout the world.
Copyright ©2003 Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International www.Krishna.com
Версия: PDF Размер на Файла: 536.67 Kb
Добавено на: 14-Apr-2004 Книги: 162
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  Biofeedback and the human energy field  Популярна
Обяснение:: CONTENTS Part One - Tools for Accessing the Human Energy Field 2 Using the Bilateral Psychogalvanometer 5 The Mechanics of the BPG Meter 6 Procedure for Hemispheric Analysis 7 Design Criteria of the BPG 8 Using the BPG Meter for Biofeedback Monitoring 11 Initial Procedures 20 Correcting Maladaptive Response with the BPG Meter 25 Diagnostic Tests 27 The BPG meter in the Hand - Foot Mode Part Two - Detecting the Human Energy Field 31 Detecting the Human Energy Field 34 Vortices and Chaos Theory 35 Experiments by the Scientific & Medical Network Sub-Group at Bisley. 36 Further Notes on Research 38 Telepathy Experiments 39 Furthe Research with a Battery-driven Laptop Computer 40 A Theosophical Interlude 42 The Reiki Initiation 43 Animal Energy Fields 44 The Effect of Drink & Drugs 45 Experiments in America 46 Music, Chakras and the Energy Field 48 Geometry and Harmony 49 Yoga Practices and the Human Energy Field 50 The Natural Resonant Frequencies of the Human Body 52 Auxiliary Equipment Appendices 52 Appendix 1, ESP Procedure 53 Appendix 2, Breathing Rates & their effect on Meter Readings 55 Books from Psychotechnic Publications
Версия: RAR-ed PDF Размер на Файла: 289.71 Kb
Добавено на: 27-Jan-2006 Книги: 170 Оценка: 9 (1 Глас)
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  Book of Dead  Популярна
Обяснение:: Book of Dead Papyrus of Ani 240 BC ; Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, Translated by E.A. Wallis Budge
Версия: MS Word Размер на Файла: 34.75 Kb
Добавено на: 09-Apr-2004 Книги: 347
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  Book of Law(*.pdf)  Популярна
BOOK OF LAW by Aleister Crowley
Версия: PDF Размер на Файла: 183.63 Kb
Добавено на: 10-Apr-2004 Книги: 329
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