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Articles in English: FaLink African Travel - Online Safari Bookings

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FaLink African Travel is a tour operator based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We now inroducing our online booking engine for easy access to the African Continent by the power of internet. On this website you can book hotels, tours and safaris to Africa without hassle 24/7.

Our destinations include: South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Mauritius, Seychelles.

Please see below our most popular tours, or simply use Search Bar or Tags for easy access to find a tour of your interest.

Enjoy the African Experience with us

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Articles in English: How lucky are you?

Публикувано от justintime - 29 10 2007 в 16:12 BG

How lucky are you? Have you had a lot of luck in your life? Do you believe that some people are just born more luckier than others?

These are some of the many questions I've been asking myself regarding a persons destiny & what can make them lead more successful & perhaps luckier lives.

I first came across the concept & interest of Luck in ones life after watching Spanish Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo movie "Intacto"

This film is a thriller and an enigmatic tale of people whose lives are intertwined by destiny and are subject to the laws of fate. Except for the fantasy & magical realism of the story that a persons luck can be traded in a hidden and secretive underground trade in luck. That supposedly you can give your luck to someone else just by touching them or letting them touch you.

I*ve often wondered if there might be a reason whether it be psychic or otherwise that can make certain people more lucky in all aspects of their lives.

Would I be right in saying that quite a lot of some of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs & people would be afraid to admit what a huge role luck played in their lives enabling them to be in the positions that they're in today?

I have come to the conclusion that good luck & fortune is acquired by the way people think & behave as apposed to a more sinister role destiny or fate might play. It's just so fascinating that some people will claim to have just been in the right place at the right time & that is how they met their ideal & perfect partner. Or how they were able to acquire their dream job & career.

But what has been your lucky break in life? Have you ever experienced an extraordinary stroke of luck whether it be a lotto win, suddenly receiving an unexpected call from someone offering you a job, or something going exceptionally well when you were anticipating the worst?

I can recall a time where I was sitting with close to R 4000.00 in credit card debt. Although I was very diligent & paying the card off monthly, I often use to worry about this constant thorn in my side. I have never liked being in debt & have since never been in any type of debt at all.

My wonderful stroke of unexpected luck came when I received a phone call from my medical aid to tell me there were going to be some major changes to my medical savings account & option plan I was on. I was to receive an out bonus payment of R 3 900.00

What a wonderful feeling I had inside me knowing that I could finally pay off that credit card & close the account for good. Of course, I just couldn't believe my luck!!

I sometimes like to think that I am indeed a very lucky person. I try to hold onto the belief that nothing but success will come my way in the future & always acknowledge my past good luck or bizarre coincidence experiences I've had. That no person I meet while standing in a queue should just be a meaningless chance encounter. Or someone I might chat with & acquaint over the phone might also be a guardian Angel in disguise. I'm one to believe that all doors in our lives need to be opened. We need to see opportunities where others might not see them. That is surely one way of becoming a luckier person.

Of course I'm no stranger to bad luck. I've had lots of bad turns in my life but perhaps not as bad as some people might have had. I, like most people am living proof that bad lucks & disasters do happen.

Yet some people like the former head of MI5, the double agent Harold Kim Philby always seemed to have a great deal of luck on his side when it came to operating as a spy for the Soviets undetected.

Shortly before he death in 1988 he was quoted as saying in an interview "I truly was incredibly lucky all my life. In the most difficult situation when I was sure this was it, the end, no way out, suddenly some stroke of luck would come my way. It was amazing how lucky I was ... a lucky life."

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Articles in English: We can acheive anything.... Right?

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”What I am most happy about is that I can zero in on a vision of where I want to be in the future." Arnold said in 1986. “I can see it so clearly in front of me, when I daydream, that it's almost a reality. Then I get this easy feeling, and I don't have to be uptight to get there because I already feel like I'm there, that it's just a matter of time." Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Articles in English: Free Hugs

Публикувано - 03 11 2006 в 17:17 BG

It is so easy and beautiful...

Pure joy!

Click to play video

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Articles in English: This is life

Публикувано от justintime - 14 07 2006 в 06:37 BG

This is life - so difficult to understand
This is life - that just isn't fair
So hard to understand
And so difficult & unfair
Life is full of paradoxes
That don't seem to logical or fair

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