Hi, Dear Friends.

I know that my attention to the English section of Truden Web Site is not as the one I give to the Bulgarian. I apologies for that, but probably your quietness led me to that fault.

Here I’ll post in English the article that I wrote on first page in Bulgarian section.

For Goodness is the Word.
For Love.
We are chatting here about it, and we did it in many other places before.
And very often we heard the cooling: “So what!? We know, and we have the Goodness in us, but the world is full of hatred.”
The world is led by qualities (values), my friends.
And not the world established them, but the world is established on them.
Without its values, the world will not exist.
But the only real value-Love, is covered from the material values of the world.

I can already hear some of you saying: “Briefly, please!”

Briefly is: Goodness comes with the One that has it. And if you feel the Goodness in you, give it to the world.

It is very simple: Give yourself!

Smile and go out on the street.
Greet you neighbor.
Give a smile to the passing by stranger.
Go and by flowers (as much, as you can afford).
Take a look around and find somebody that needs Love. Walk toward and give a flower.
Then look for other… and other… until you empty up your hands and fill up your heart.

You will probably look like an idiot, crazy or dotty.
So what!?
You know yourself.
Smile to the people.
Be with them as you are with your best friend.
After time they will start to miss you, and they will wait with eagerness the day, to meet you again.
And that day, you will be their Joy.
You will be the Goodness in their day.
And they will greet you before you even open your mouth for greeting.

That day you will be the One that brought Goodness in the world.

Who must do it, if you do not do it?
Everything starts from One.
You are That One.

Not only the flowers…
We can be Good anytime, in many ways.
Look around you.
Isn’t there any known of yours that needs help?
Not that you can help very much with your financial potentials, but the Help is in the Goodness which you give, for Goodness is not in the piece of bread, but in the One that gives it.
Goodness does not give alms.
Goodness gives It Self.

If you do all this, and they ask you: What made you to do that? – say: The Goodness in us made me to do it.
Do not say that Truden taught you that.

I am that, which you have in yourselves, but it is given to me to be able to put it in Word.
I say that, which you are, but you still do not know.
I say that, which you Know, but you can not put in word.
I utter your inmost desires, which you are afraid to speak out.
I am in you, as you are in any of that anxious and sad people.
You are who can help them, to find them selves.
In your Goodness they will find their real selves.


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