I had a dream…
The dream was that I’m dreaming.
And I knew that I’m dreaming, but I could not wake up.
Then I read somewhere that there is a fruit in the world, that can take me out of the dream.

I found it…
I found it in the hands of my Brothers.
They were staying in a circle and passing it to each other.
Every one of them when had it in his hand, took a bite from it, enjoyed it and leaved the circle.
When all of them left, the fruit was lying on the Earth with one only bite on it.I took it in my hand and I had a bite…
It was wonderful taste.
The juice flowed in me and It was unexplainable experience.
Then I Knew what is Love.
And I said to myself: I am Enlightened now.
I put the fruit on the Earth, and made a step to go.
But something stopped me.
Something inside of me was telling me, that it is only one bite that I had from that fruit.
“But isn’t it enough to know the taste” – I asked myself?
The answer was in the fruit.
I picked it again in my hand and had another bite.
Oh, it was not the same fruit…
No, it was the same, but the taste was not that sweet taste any more.
There was some bitterness and sorrow in it, mixed together with the sweetness.
And that strange mixture gave me some more knowledge about me in my dream.
I looked around and I saw all the same things, but now not as a dream, but as my own self.

“Now I Know” – was my thought.
And I wanted to put the fruit on the Earth, but when I laid eyes on it I saw two only bites…

Then I had my third bite, and some taste of Power came forth, and showed me that everything is the way that I wanted to be.
And the taste of Power made me to want to see different. And the things became different.
Then I went in the streets of my dream, and I showed to the people that it is not the way they see it, but the way I make it.
And then crowds of people came to me and asked me to be the way that they wanted to be.
And I made it for them.
But that did not bring Love about me, but only fear and hate…
Therefore I became their sin, and when I waked up, they were only memory from my dream.


P.S. You are asking me about my Brothers?
Which ones?
Those from my Father, or those from my Mother?
They all are selling the Sweetness in the world of my memory.
But how can you sell something that is not yours!?

Do not judge them.
Everything is the way that I want it to be.

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